Our Governance

We remain committed to continuously uphold the high standards of corporate ethics and integrity.

We recognise the need to maintain a culture of strong moral values and a deep sense of integrity to safeguard the responsible and sustainable business practices we are known for. This is foundational to how we create long-term value and improve business performance.

We establish a business environment with partners who share our commitment to these standards, and ensure the right principles are upheld across our business.

Here are our business governance policies

Business Partner Conduct Principles
All suppliers and parties that have a direct contractual relationship with us and offer products or services to CelcomDigi must adhere to our Business Partner Conduct Principles.
Health, Safety & Environmental Policy
We are committed to provide a workplace that is healthy, safe, secure, and environmental-friendly.
Whistleblowing Policy
This policy enables us to address alleged misconducts, bribery, corruption within CelcomDigi.
Anti Corruption Policy
This policy covers our strong stand against corruption of all kinds.
Code of Conduct
The ethical standards of how we conduct our business and act as responsible, accountable employees and guardians of CelcomDigi's integrity.
Kindly report breaches of CelcomDigi鈥檚 Code of Conduct, Agreement of Responsible Business Conduct & Supplier Conduct Principles at

Our Data Protection Practices

CelcomDigi is responsible to ensure your personal data is processed according to our Privacy Notice(s) and applicable laws.

CelcomDigi | Data Protection | Data Collection

Data Collection

CelcomDigi collects your personal data to provide our services to you.
CelcomDigi | Data Protection | Data Access
Data Access
Access to your personal data is restricted to authorised personnel.
CelcomDigi | Data Protection | Data Security
Data Security
CelcomDigi ensures your personal data is safe and secured at all times.
CelcomDigi | Data Protection | Data Sharing
Data Sharing
CelcomDigi may share your personal data with third parties for the provision of our services.
CelcomDigi | Data Protection | Data Retention and Deletion
Data Retention & Deletion
CelcomDigi does not store your personal data longer than necessary.
CelcomDigi | Data Protection | Individual Rights
Individual Rights
You have the right to access and correct your personal data, as well as opt-out from receiving marketing messages.

Privacy Statement

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, we have updated our Privacy Notice to empower you to make the best decisions about the information that you share with us.

These updates take effect on 1 May 2023. By using our Services on or after that date, you鈥檒l be agreeing to these revisions.
You should read the documents in full, but the key updates in our Privacy Notice are:鈥
鈥 聽A revised format;
鈥嬧 聽Standardisation of terms, processing activities, and governance practices.

How CelcomDigi manages personal data: